Here Goes Nothin'!


26 • THEY/HE
♉ • chaotic neutral/evil • hedonistic

digital artist & video game enthusiast
i love my FRIENDS!!!!!
PNW native, nonbinary, pan💖
schizo + cptsd

my boyfriend is a chaotic evil sagittarius normie and im gay


full birth chart

chaotic neutral • hedonistic • INFP-T
type 2/type 8unstructured, SLUAI

crossroads trans • midnight highway gay • desert cryptid
wrath/envy• pestilence/war • maid of rage


bold = fav, bold italics = special interest

main interests: FFXV, yakuza/ryuu ga gotoku, silent hill, WoW, overwatch, horror, music, art, OCs & headcanons

general: sci-fi and/or horror, cyberpunk + retrofuturism, body mods, gore art/gorror movies, cognitive psychology, character design, animal behaviour, cats, dogs, art, music, brockhampton, furry, bones/taxidermy, 80s/90s punk/grunge/metal aesthetics, astrology, cryptids, alcohol

games: ffxv, rgg/yakuza series, monster hunter world, kingdom hearts, ff4, the witcher 3, silent hill series, silent hill: homecoming, bloodborne, overwatch, metal gear (mostly 3/mgsv), watchdogs2, animal crossing, hellblade, world of warcraft, bioshock, fallout new vegas, all pokemon

shows: altered carbon, ffxv brotherhood, trailer park boys, twd, gotham, hannibal, ginga densetsu weed, naruto, death note, fma, inuyasha, star wars: the clone wars

movies: ffxv kingsglaive, the ritual, void, venom, live action 2006 death note, godzilla, the thing (1982), mad max, army of darkness, alien(s), pacific rim, appleseed alpha, star wars (series)

music: generally alt rock, indie/lo-fi rock, indiepop, industrial metal, glam metal, heavy metal, stoner rock, grunge, punk, folk punk, acoustic, hardstyle/edm, and miscellaneous rap


Prompto Argentum (FFXV)

dont be weird about this i dont care i'm just a dude!

i dont say no to dares

we dig our own graves

Archie (Pkmn) • Junkrat (Ovw) • Harlock (SP:CH)

Venom Snake (MGSV) • Cayde-6 (Destiny) • Anakin Skywalker (SW)

General Grievous (SW) • Vincent Smith (SH3) • Ellis (L4D2)

Boyfriend Machine

Gladiolus Amicitia • Ignis Scientia • Noctis Lucis Caelum

Cindy Aurum • Aranea Highwind • Laura Matsuda

Sombra • Dva • Pharah

Geralt of Rivia • McCree • Goro Majima



"factkin of the pink guy from filthy frank except hes real and out there and chugging alcohol nd juice to face god" -james

"catfish billy is the most antoine song ive ever heard honestly its shaken me to my core so hard that whenever i see the name yelawolf im lik ANTHONY(EYES BULDGING)" -murphy

"get that fat shit fuck off me" -some overwatch player

"Bitch the regalia is #broke enjoy pushing it off the cliff with your gangly stick arms prompto" -noche

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discord: glitchmetal#4480
psn: magitekglitch